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The British Columbia Review interview series
Presented and curated by Trevor Marc Hughes


Trevor Marc Hughes at the Tantalus Range in BC’s Coast Mountains

Please visit our new YouTube interview channel, presented and curated by Trevor Marc Hughes, historian, biographer, freelance broadcaster, former arts reporter at CBC Radio in Vancouver, and member of the board of the Ormsby Literary Society.

Trevor will be interviewing a range of people connected to BC writing and the BC Review in particular, including authors and reviewers. He launched the series with an interview in Nanaimo with historian Robin Fisher, who discusses his recent book Wilson Duff: Coming Back, A Life (Harbour Publishing, 2022), and then talked to publisher Richard Mackie about the origins and aims of The British Columbia Review. Watch this page for many more interviews!

Interview segments:

Editor Richard Mackie at the Prado, Commercial Drive, March 2023. Photo by Juliet Mackie

1. Trevor Hughes interviews Robin Fisher, January 14, 2023. Length 7:28 minutes. See book review here.

2. Trevor Hughes interviews Richard Mackie (Part 1), February 3, 2023. Length 5:26 minutes.

3. Trevor Hughes interviews Richard Mackie (Part 2), February 3, 2023. Length 6:42 minutes.

4. Trevor Hughes interviews Vickie Jensen & Phil Nuytten, February 17, 2023. Length 8:16 minutes. See book review here.

5. Trevor Hughes interviews Angus McIntyre, March 11, 2023. Length 5:44 minutes.

6. Trevor Hughes interviews Catherine Nolin, March 20, 2023. Length 11:04 minutes. See book review here.

7.  Trevor Hughes interviews Sage Birchwater, March 23, 2023. Length 9:45 minutes. See book review here.

8. Trevor Hughes interviews Randy Louie, August 18, 2022. Length 4:16 minutes.

9. Trevor Hughes interviews Briony Penn, April 6, 2023. Length 5:17. See a book review here.

10. Trevor Hughes interviews Sharon Bradley, May 11, 2023. Length 3:26

11. Trevor Hughes interviews Howard Macdonald Stewart, April 23, 2023. Length 3:49. See also here.

12. Trevor Hughes interviews Rodney DeCroo, May 19, 2023. Length 7:27. See also here.

13. Trevor Hughes interviews Christopher Levenson, June 2023. Length 7:56. See also here.

14. Trevor Hughes interviews Ron Verzuh, June 26, 2023. Length 5:39. See also here.

15. Trevor Hughes interviews Natalie Virginia Lang, July 7, 2023. Length 13:11. See also here.

16. Trevor Hughes interviews Robin Fisher, August 7, 2023. Length 7:00. See also here.

17. Trevor Hughes interviews Ron Verzuh, June 26, 2023. Length 3:28. See also here.

18. Trevor Hughes interviews Jeanette Taylor, August 3, 2023. Length 6:51. See also here.

19. Trevor Hughes interviews Daniel Gawthrop, August 31, 2023. Length 7:21. See also here.

20. Trevor Hughes interviews Valerie Green, September 9, 2023. Length 6:15. See also here.

21. Trevor Hughes interviews Alan Twigg, July 2023. Length 12:36.

22. Trevor Hughes covers the BC & Yukon Book Prizes Awards Gala, September 24, 2023.  Length 4:09.

23. Trevor Hughes interviews Ian Kennedy, August 2023. Length 6:51.

24. Trevor Hughes interviews Thomas Girard, October 2023. Length 11:33.

25. Trevor Hughes interviews Maria Coffey, November 2, 2023. Length 8:00.

26. Trevor Hughes interviews Lisa Baldissera, October 20, 2023. Length 11:47.

27. Trevor Hughes interviews Martin Segger, December 12, 2023. Length 11:11.

28. Trevor Hughes interviews Jack Knox, December 12, 2023. Length 7:33.

29. Trevor Hughes interviews Kathryn Bridge, January 16, 2024. Length 10:51.


The British Columbia Review

Publisher and Editor: Richard Mackie

Formerly The Ormsby Review, The British Columbia Review is an on-line book review and journal service for BC writers and readers. The Advisory Board consists of Jean Barman, Wade Davis, Robin Fisher, Barry Gough, Hugh Johnston, Kathy Mezei, Patricia Roy, Maria Tippett, and Graeme Wynn. Provincial Government Patron (since September 2018): Creative BC. Honorary Patron: Yosef Wosk. Scholarly Patron: SFU Graduate Liberal Studies.

“Only connect.” – E.M. Forster

View across the Strait of Georgia from Gabriola Island to the Coast Mountains. Bowen Island at right foreground, with Mt. Collins and Mt. Gardner dwarfed by the Coast Mountains. Photo by Grahame Ware, February 23, 2023

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