‘Obscurity is the fate of the poet’

“Burn, baby, burn, they must have said and this is the fire in Bowering who…is on a feminist re-investigation of the legacy of a lost lady poet.” Linda Rogers reviews More Richly in Earth: A Poet’s Search for Mary MacLeod by Marilyn Bowering (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2024) $34.95 / 9780228021124

Who was here before me?

“Author Richard Butler, in his two recent titles, has decided, quite admirably, to describe his own path in addressing reconciliation. He begins Taking Reconciliation Personally upfront about his own settler privilege.” Trevor Marc Hughes reviews Taking Reconciliation Personally (Victoria: A&R Publishing, 2023) $15 / 9798849376998 & I Dare Say…Conversations with Indigeneity by Richard Butler (Victoria: A&R Publishing, 2023) $11 / 9798871999066

Flight, fight, and benzodiazepine 

“Nay knows not only how to create suspense, but also how to maintain it. You have to keep reading to find out whose bloodied arm is detached, and you’ll want to.” —Jessica Poon reviews The Offing, by Roz Nay (Toronto: Viking, 2024) $24.95 / 9780735248250

Therapeutic psychedelics?

A cutting edge psychiatrist faces her own traumatic past and the mysterious deaths of her clientele in a thriller where tension mounts page after page. —Valerie Green reviews High Society, by Daniel Kalla (Toronto: Simon & Schuster, 2024) $24.99 / 9781668032510

Leading the typographic ornamentation movement

“This type of book is Pinterest before Pinterest, a way of gathering inspiration when it was primarily an arduous task. The physicality is something that can never be discounted, and I imagine the authors of the future will continue to always refer to books like this, as nothing quite replaces the ah-ha experience of leafing through it and coming to know to things in an unexplainable way, like a dream guiding you in the middle of the night.” Thomas Girard reviews Pretty Pictures by Marian Bantjes (New York: Metropolis Books, 2013) $99.00 / 9781938922220

Emotional truths

Poet foregrounds nature imagery in her thoughtful inquires about family, cultural heritage, grief, and identity. —Daniela Elza reviews We Follow the River, by Onjana Yawnghwe (Qualicum Beach: Caitlin Press, 2024) $20.00 / 9781773861388

A ‘personal archive…for institutional deposit’

“No wait a moment …. a rabbit and mysterious arms holding it and obscuring the ears? On the back cover, the Princess’s eye has been covered. Before dismissing pretty princesses and bunnies, I needed to look further and so should you.” Christina Johnson-Dean reviews Classification Crisis and Rabbit-Hole, by Sonja Ahlers (Wolfville, NS: Conundrum Press, co-published with Richmond Art Gallery, 2023) $50.00 / 9781926594347

Discovering oneself in Ireland

“Brauer visited Ireland, accompanied by his former wife Paula, some years ago, and more recently returned on his own in an attempt to ‘find himself.'” Ian Kennedy reviews Lost Between the Stones and the Sea: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland by Chris Brauer (New Denver: Maa Press, 2023) $25.00 / 9781777349745

‘A game is afoot’

An entertaining, raucous, and deeply weird novel splices together a boxing comeback story, veganism, bout fixing, and… Sherlock Holmes. —Logan Macnair reviews Pet, Pet, Slap, by Andrew Battershill (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2024) $23.95 / 9781552454763

A ‘glimpse / to a new world’

A “must-read” collection of poems reveals the poet’s critical examination of both the worlds he belongs to and his place within them. —Harold Rhenisch reviews Teeth, by Dallas Hunt (Gibsons: Nightwood Editions, 2024) $19.95 / 9780889714526

The plot to kill Frederick C. Trudd

A retired criminal lawyer revisits his past and “the most significant trial of his career.” The results are engrossing. —Bill Paul reviews The Long-Shot Trial: An Arthur Beauchamp Thriller, by William Deverell (Toronto: ECW Press, 2024) $26.95 / 9781770417540

Humane acceptance (amid absurdity)

A poetry collection’s “distinctive power” is founded on a “keen but understated awareness of the interplay between the human world and the natural environment.”—Christopher Levenson reviews Moving to Delilah, by Catherine Owen (Calgary: Freehand Books, 2024) $19.95 / 9781990601583

The entire spectrum of flies

“What Don has done is create a succinct pattern for each fly, in two or three pages and repeats it for the entire book. The pattern includes a photo of the fly in question, a background story, a trimmed down list of materials and tying instructions in the same pattern for all flies, making this a very quick read for dozens of flies that work in BC.” DC Reid reviews Fly Tying: Proven Flies for the Pacific Northwest by Don Haaheim (Surrey: Hancock House, 2024) $24.95 / 9780888397683

Indigi-queer philosophy 101 

Debut story collection by celebrated young author reveals him as “fully in control of his voice, confident of his reach, and utterly fearless.” —Daniel Gawthrop reviews coexistence, by Billy-Ray Belcourt (Toronto: Hamish Hamilton, 2024) $27.95 / 9780735242036

Fatherhood in a new land

“The first part of this book is delightful. There’s young Koah with his Portuguese-Canadian father travelling back to his father’s ancestral homeland and imbibing words of wisdom from his father, who introduces him to his grandparents and extended family, all the connections missing from their life together in Victoria, BC.” Sheldon Goldfarb reviews Trust the Bluer Skies: Meditations on Fatherhood by paulo da costa (Regina: University of Regina Press, 2024) $27.95 / 9780889779921

Coping with a final goodbye

“[F]or those who want to understand something of human journeys—and how to mourn, how to live with grief—” this YA novel “is a study in how we might navigate.” —Alison Acheson reviews Where Was Goodbye?, by Janice Lynn Mather (Toronto: Simon & Schuster Canada, 2024) $23.99 / 9781665903950

The Sunshine Coast Tale Trail

“The idea was this thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we made a list of one hundred authors from one hundred years, then put a pin in their location on a map of the Coast.’ ” Cathalynn Labonté-Smith writes The Sunshine Coast Tale Trail: Where it Fits into 100 Years of Canadian Literary Landmark Maps

STWS? Read on.

Sophomore YA novel offers “a beautiful, heartwarming story about memory and grief with a speculative twist and a sprinkling of romance that’s sure to delight teen readers.”—Greg Brown reviews The Space Between Here and Now, by Sarah Suk (Toronto: HarperCollins Canada, 2023) $24.99 / 9780063255135

The rhythms of mourning

With sculpted sound and rhythmic exuberance a delightful and pensive volume of poems examines the living and the lived. —Michael Greenstein reviews Talking to Strangers, by Rhea Tregebov (Montreal: Signal Editions, 2024) $13.99 / 9781550656602

‘Human emotions, challenges, and triumphs’

“Her story is not just a recount of a physical undertaking but a profound voyage into personal resilience and discovery.” Amy Tucker reviews Shifting Gears: Coast to Coast on the Trans Am Bike Race by Meaghan Marie Hackinen (Edmonton: NeWest Press, 2023) $23.95 / 9781774390801

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