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#476 BC Books Spring 2019

BC Books Spring 2019 compiled by Susan Safyan, BA, MLS First published Feb. 1, 2019 * Here is a new feature from The Ormsby Review! A comprehensive preview of almost 150 forthcoming books (spring 2019) from BC publishers, plus selected books about BC topics by other publishers. Entries are listed alphabetically by author surname. Title…
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#209 Gary Cristall’s ball

First published Nov. 24, 2017. Jeannie Kamins has written and published a VFMF history with a memoir by Gary Cristall who says, “I guess I booked pretty close to 1,000 artists.” For $25 plus shipping costs, 40 Years and Counting: A Visual History of Forty Years of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival (Jeannie Kamins, 2017)…
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