Fantasy and science fiction

AI and corporate intrigue

Although addictive and inventive, a debut novel’s storyline could use a trim. —Valerie Green reviews The Wickedest of Things, by Russel Barrie (Kamloops: Russel Barrie Books, 2023) $24.00 / 9781738060701

Darkness at Dhoon Woods

Debut horror novelist conveys the “tingle and rattle of fear” but wears his influences on his sleeve. —Bill Paul reviews Arlya, by Jack Lowe-Carbell (Victoria: Tellwell Talent, 2024) $24.99 / 9781779410979

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Love after the (intergalactic) war

An “exhilarating” sci-fi epic whose “each page is a gift.” —Zoe McKenna reviews Shadow Matter, by S.W. Mayse (Calgary: Tyche Books, 2023) $24.99 / 9781989407554

Mages, time travel, a telepathic cat

Debut fantasy novel reveals both promise and flaws. —Sheldon Goldfarb reviews Strands of Time and Magic, by Andrew Platten (Seattle: Amazon, 2023) $19.99 / 9781738101603

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