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Camping British Columbia, the Rockies, and the Yukon:
The Complete Guide to Government Park Campgrounds, 9th Edition
by Jayne Seagrave

Victoria: Heritage House, 2023
$29.95  /  9781772033991

Reviewed by Amy Tucker


If you are planning a camping trip in Western Canada, Jayne Seagrave’s comprehensive guide, will be a valuable resource. This latest edition builds upon previous editions by offering more detailed information, catering to both novice and experienced campers.

Seagrave’s guide is much more than a mere listing of campgrounds. It provides a detailed overview of the landscapes of British Columbia, the Rockies, and the Yukon. The author’s engaging writing style and vivid descriptions take readers on an imaginary adventure. The guide also aligns with the global trend towards sustainable travel, promoting ecotourism principles and responsible camping.

What sets this book apart is its organization and ease of use. The book features over 150 campgrounds, listed alphabetically, with clear maps and detailed directions. The book caters to varying camping preferences, from primary sites for beginners to more adventurous terrain for the experienced. The book also provides practical tips, packing lists, and health and safety regulations, making it an all-encompassing tool for outdoor adventure planning. Seagrave also provides a description of the location, recreational activities, information about the facilities, and additional tidbits for the curious.

Vancouver-based Jayne Seagrave writes on a variety of topics ranging from travel to the arts

The book’s visual elements, such as photographs, enhance its appeal and offer readers a preview of the experiences awaiting them. These images complement Seagrave’s descriptions, adding depth to the reader’s understanding and anticipation. The photography in the book will make you want to explore and seek new adventures. I particularly enjoyed the photographs of the waterfalls and rushing rivers.  

Drawing upon her extensive experience, Seagrave brings an authentic and personal touch to the narrative. This personal connection is evident in how she weaves her adventures with practical advice, making the guide informative and relatable. I appreciated the multi-day itinerary and suggestions for other activities like birdwatching, seeing animals, and gold panning. There is also a comprehensive index and additional resources at the end of the book.

Wells Grey Provincial Park, aptly known as “the waterfall park.” Photo Jayne Seagrave

 The book’s educational value is significant, raising awareness of environmental conservation, wildlife, and natural habitats. It provides readers with an understanding of the ecological dynamics of the region, which is crucial for planning responsible and enjoyable camping trips.

Seagrave has diligently researched and compiled information that, while accessible online, is presented in her guide in a format that readers will find helpful and easy to navigate. Although it provides many campground listings, not every campground in the region is listed. For me, the book will be a welcome addition to my camping adventures.

Camping British Columbia, the Rockies, and the Yukon: The Complete Guide to Government Park Campgrounds, 9th Edition is not just a guidebook—it is a source of inspiration and an essential companion for anyone eager to explore the natural beauty of Western Canada. This book will provide you with the information you need for your next camping adventure.

Majestic mountain views at Sx.tsaqel / Chilliwack Lake. Photo Jayne Seagrave


Amy Tucker

Amy Tucker is an instructor at Thompson Rivers University with a diverse educational background, including expertise in leadership, organizational behaviour, sustainability and ethics, and human resource management. In her spare time, she loves to read and enjoy adventures in her travel van, lovingly named “Vanish.” [Editor’s Note: Amy Tucker has reviewed books by Joanna Kafarowski and Martha Piper & Indira Samarasekera for The British Columbia Review.]


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