Calling all passengers!

Calling all passengers
by Richard Mackie


BC Ferries decal on plywood, 1960s. Image courtesy Chris Michel

Passenger warning: ship’s whistle will sound. May I make a special request to readers of The Ormsby Review? To be eligible for the next BC Arts Council grant, which is due Jan 4th, as a digital journal we need at least 300 email subscribers.

We are not quite there yet. With every 3rd post — including, alas, this one — you will receive an email notification of the latest Ormsby reviews. There is no charge; this is a free email delivery service. Here is the signup form:

Thank you!

Postcard of BC Ferries in Active Pass, circa 1961


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“Only connect.” – E.M. Forster

Buffeted by angry seas

15 comments on “Calling all passengers!

  1. Sorry I only saw that this was date sensitive now, but happy to sign up now, which I will.
    Best, Dawn Binnington, Denman Island.

  2. When I tried to sign up using my phone, the layout prevented me from seeing the little box you have to tick. So I signed up using my desktop computer, but then the confirmation email went straight to “junk.” I got it sorted — but I imagine these issues are happening to others as well…

    1. Hi Jen, I’m sorry to hear this! Thanks for letting me know. I will mention it to my web genius person, I mean genius web person. I just checked and you are now subscribed and “confirmed.” Thanks for subscribing.

    1. Hi Bev, We are still puzzled why the subscription link is not working for some people. We’ve gained 75 new subscribers in the last 24 hours, yet four people have had trouble with the sign-up. When I go into AWeber, I see that some subscriptions are marked “pending,” so all I can suggest is … please try again! Thanks, Richard

    1. Hi Liz, I’ve asked Ormsby’s web development expert about this. Today and yesterday another 35 people have successfully subscribed, but sometimes some small thing needs nudging. I like to visualize old-fashioned toggle switches that need flipping on or off. I’ll get back to you about this. Thanks, Richard

  3. Hi Anne, I’m sorry to hear this. Rats. I thought we had all the wrinkles ironed out. 25 people have subscribed today and this is the first report of trouble. Can you please try one last time? If it doesn’t work, let me know right away and I will contact Ormsby’s web development guru, who will be looking into a couple of other issues when she returns to work on Monday. Thanks Anne. Stay warm there in Wells! Best, Richard

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